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(Cologne, Germany)

Founded in 2006 and unique in its kind, CologneOFF is a festival without a static location, built in network based on a growing collection of video art, expanded each year through the completion of a new edition. Instead of focusing on a yearly event just three days, based on a dual system of physical and virtual components in new artistic expressions, following paths to explore.
Curator: Agricola de Cologne


MAGMART (Naples, Italy)

International Festival of Video Art, based in Naples, Italy. In Magmart works constantly to develop an international network of video art, notably through collaborations with Activa (Oviedo), All Art Now (Syria), Athens Video Art Festival (Greece), Art Video Exchange, Elmur.net, FONLAD (Portugal), FIVA International Festival of Video Art (Buenos Aires), Screen Oslo (Norway).
Curator: Enrico Tomaselli

MIDEN (Kalamata, Greece)

First Greek art video festival presented in open public spaces, is an annual video art and new media held in Kalamata, Greece. It is an independent organization founded, organized and curated by a team of contemporary Greek artists. Since 2005, Miden Festival was gradually establishing itself as one of the festivals most successful video in Greece and has been a major point of cultural exchange for video art Greek and international, creating a meeting point and alternate peripheral for video established and emerging artists.
Curator: Gioula Papadopoulou


PROYECTOR (Madrid, Spain)

Takes place mainly in Italy, Spain and Portugal, with the participation of artists, commissioners and international festivals.
In its programming can be found video installations (single channel, multichannel, interactive), interventions in public space projections, performances, conferences.
Simultaneously with the completion of PROYECTOR in Madrid, will produce a parallel festival in Coimbra, Milan, Lisbon, Oporto.
Curator: Mario Gutiérrez Cru

VIDEOPLAY (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

International platform based in Argentina for the dissemination of video art in the world. It was started in 2004 by visual artist and curator Silvio De Gracia.
VideoPlay currently focuses on gender and video performance of other works which, although not clearly classified in the category of art action, presenting a profound reflection on the performative sphere. The main aim is to spread the video performance by artists from around the world, particularly in Latin America.
Curator: Silvio de Gracia


(Rennes, France)

The crew of The Eye of Oodaaq organizes every year in May in Rennes, his Oodaaq Festival of poetic images.
Exhibitions, screenings of video art, and many events are scheduled in twenty places for ten days.
The members of the collective Oodaaq are nomadic inhabitants of our island, backgrounds tellers, images, and meetings.

Curator: Simon Guiochet