"Life history (the circle)", exhibition
Icone Gallery, June 12 to July 26, 2009

Life history (the circle) is a project that represents a way of being and seeing. It is not a simple construction of images, something that is not allowed to climb from the depths of life, which are hidden.
Memories, thoughts, dreams, projects and emotions come together in the same manner as the creation of life is a fusion of an infinite number of elements. Universal life and individual life. The colors and shapes emerge through a movement which is guided by a deep harmonious balance. What is the beginning? What is the purpose? Where am I at this point in my trip? It is not important, perhaps, but it is important to the perception that I have. The circularity of life is evident in these circles and spheres that grow out of funds. The circularity of life allows us to perceive the unity between us and the universe much more than many words.
In the visual perception and emotional, not rational excessive mediation, we met our deepest being. Without beginning and without end. Just as a circle or a sphere that has no hidden corners. The circle is complete geometry. The video, with its rhythmic and powerful music, is the completion of the project, a movement that was not only imagined, but that has become reality.

Born in Foggia in 1961.
He lives in Belforte del Chienti (MC), Italy. Photographer, digital artist, video, painter, poet.
He has done 128 exhibitions (37 personal and 91 collective) in: Italy, Mexico, United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Holland, Argentina, Cuba, Chile, Portugal, Peru.
He is founder and president of the cultural association “Terra dell’Arte” and curator and artistic director of:
• MIDAC – International Dynamic Contempory Art Museum in Belforte del Chienti (Italy)
• “Ventipertrenta” – International Digital Art Festival
• “Ars Latina” – International Contempory Art Project
• “Aradbiennale” – International Contempory Art Biennale in Arad (Romania)
• “(id)art_fest” – International Video Art Festival